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O you please don't stop me
I don't want this world anymore O you please leave me alone For I don't deserve this gift of life

O you please
Let me do the best thing
Let me die
Let me sleep for eternity

O you please
Permit me to know
Life after death
Experience it for the first time

O you please
Hate me more
Today tomorrow and the
Days to come

O you please
Send me the best moments we had
Just for once
For one last time

O you please
Listen to me
Just for once
For one last time

O you please
Try to understand me
Not for me
But for one last time

O you
Please take out time for me
To read my long immature messages
I wait for your tomorrow to come
I still wait
I long for you
With anticipation

Forgive me for everything done
I know I am nothing
I am nothing for anybody
I have failed academically
Messed up my semester exams
Can't face mom dad my sister and my brothers
I can't you too

I just want to tell you that
You were my friend
You are my friend and
You will always be


Everything has changed so sudden
I don't know what to do
Where to go
Whom should I talk to
Life has become hell for me
I am deader than dead
All my hopes, dreams have vanished into thin air
I have lost the meaning of life
For me everyday is a struggle
Struggle against my inner self
Depression haunts me forever
Loneliness engulfes me always
I have so much negativity in me
I have forgotten the old me the happy me
I have murdered my innocence
I have become prone to failures
Academically I have messed up my semester exams
I have two backlogs in the course
In my dream course
I have repeated the old mistakes again
My life has lost all it's charm to live
Alone I came Alone I will go
I keep repeating these things to myself
I know I am all alone in this big world
Yes I have my loved ones near me yet
I am alone in this world
There are times when I don't want to live but the very thought of my mom stops me
I can't share my ideas feelings share my secrets with anyone
My good old …