Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Last Goodbye

Having lost everything
Her family
Her friends

Her hopes
Her dreams
Her talent

She sat in a park
Wanted to go home but she can't
Wanted to go to her best and true friends house but can't

Looking here and there
Looking left and right
Looking for her life
She cried and cried

Depressed she was forever
Sad she was always
Sluggish she was always
Heartless she was never

Thinking of none
She went away from everyone
She ran away from everything
Her house Her home Her life

Things were getting worse for her
Love was no where to be found
Care was no where to be found
Peace was no where to be found

She left everything which was her life one time
Expressing herself through her words

Herself her life she drowned in pond of depression

Cutting away herself from every way
By which people could contact her
For showing their fake love and care
Trying to be her friend

Going away from her life
Her haunting life
She left the world 
In search of a best friend

Searching for her best friend 
In everyone
Everyday know

Sharing her problems
Sharing her thoughts
Was her mistake
Her biggest regret

Saying nothing
Complaining about nothing
Thanking everyone 
She left to go for
Her last journey

Wishing everyone 
Best of everything
Best of luck 
She bide her last goodbye

With a wish 
Next time she will
Find her best friend
Her true friend in her life. 

Life has freezed for me I have lost all  My day starts with sadness ends in depression I don't want to know what's going on ...