Saturday, 5 August 2017

An Adieu To You

Thank you for being with me
In every situation
In every ups and downs

Thank you for being my constant support
When nobody was there
When I had none

Thank you for being with me for so many years
For giving me a reason to live
For getting me back from every situation

Thank you for your efforts to
Make me smile
Everytime when I felt low

Thank you for making my life worth living
For being the best friends
For being unique

Thank you for giving me you
To tell you things which I can't tell anyone in this world
To be a good listener to me

Thank you for being with me all these years
Before I leave you
I thank you

I am not capable of you
But there are other people
Around you who are much better than me

Whatever may happen
You will always have a special place in my heart
My friend

I have stopped being familiar with your counterpart too
But I still now love your best friend
You both will always be with me

I am putting down my thoughts
My pen
Closing up with a smile and happy face

I will always miss you
My dear
I am not enough capable of you

Be happy
Be powerful
Be a guiding light to others
Keep going
Keep doing

Will meet you ......

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