Monday, 31 July 2017


O you where have you gone
Leaving me behind
With my depression

O you please come back to me
I assure you I won't disturb you
I won't

O you why have you left me
I have none
Except you

O you who knows very well that
I don't have anyone to share my feelings with
No family No friends

O you who is aware of the fact that
I have lost my best friend on 21st
I have lost everybody

Whom I thought was my best friend
Is not my best friend

I have lost everything
I have failed in life
At everything


O you please stay a little longer with me
I have failed
As a writer
As a daughter
As a sister
As a friend

Neither I have anyone
Nor I want to have

I want to live my life alone
Without any people
Without any problems

I don't have much with me
Just some books who are with me when
Nobody is there

O you don't be so rude
I know I can't be like others
I am unique

I can't live without you
I want you back in my life
I want that peace again in my life

I want innocence back
I want happiness back
I want purity back

I want the old me back
I want the serious me back
I want everything about me back

I have lost myself
I am nothing
I can be sweet caring lovely but can't be a true friend to anyone

You know I have stopped talking to anybody
I have stopped reading
U have stopped writing

I have stopped enjoying
I have stopped living
My life

I don't talk to anybody
I don't share my feelings
I don't share my problems

With anyone
Neither family nor friends
I don't do it anymore

You know very well that
Years ago
I was the most serious and reserved kind of person

I don't know what happened to me
After mid school
I started sharing things

The biggest blunder done by me
I forgot that in this world
Nobody actually cares for you

None neither your family nor your friends
I should have listened it to you
Copying others I lost myself completely

I got my best friend
After years lost her as my best friend
I came in between two besties

After some more years
I met her thought I have found my
Best friend

Again a mistake
Again came in between two besties
It was my mistake of

Finding a best friend for me
A best friend whom I can never have
You see I have again failed in Friendships too

I can't be rude to anyone
I can't insult people
I can't stop caring for them

O you please come back
Fill my world with nothing
But the innocence and purity

I am waiting for you
I am waiting for your knock at my door

With a hope that
You will come
Today or tomorrow

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