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Friends Forever

You are my friend
Success said to Failure
So you are
Failure replied

Success promised failure
To be with him always
At every point of life
To never leave failure

Failure was rejoiced to
know about it
Failure too promised success
To be with him
To never leave him

One night
Success and Failure were
chatting on a beach

Failure asked success
Will you be with me always
Will you never leave me

Success calmly replied
Yes I will be there
With you
For you

Failure got happy to know this
Failure thought yes now I too have a best friend
My true friend
Whom I was searching for years

Failure forgot that
Success already had best friend with initials H

Failure wanted to be friends with her

Again the next day
They were chatting
On a hill

Failure again asked him the same question
Success again replied him patiently

Success said to Failure
He can always share things with him
Anything anywhere

Failure was on cloud nine
Getting to know about this
Failure was very happy
Failure was elated as always

Again the next day
Both were sitting
Near the green fields

Failure again asked him his question
Success now replied just with a word hmm

From that day onwards
They stopped meeting
They stopped talking to each other

After some days
Failure asked pardon from Success
Failure didn't want to let him lose

Again started talking
After some time
Again failure did something
Success got upset

Failure stopped talking to him
Once success was near failures home
Success wanted to meet him
But couldn't

Getting to know about this
Failure was upset
Failure was sad
Failure was in a bad mood

Success got to know about this
Success talked to him
Failure was again happy

After some days
Success had to go far away for some days
Failure hoped success would try to contact him

Success got busy
Failure thought
Before going they would meet and
Everything will be better

Success got so busy that
Success told him
He wouldn't be able to
Meet him this time too
Before going

Failure was heartbroken
Why he didn't know
Failure wrote something for him
Failure waited for
Reply of success
Failure waited and waited
Success got busy and busy

That day
It rained heavily
Failure wanted to meet
Success but wasn't able to

That day
Failure  asked him the same question
Success didn't reply to his question

Failure again asked him
Success got annoyed
Success didn't utter a word
Success didn't want to be rude

Failure kept on asking
Success got angry
Without saying anything
Success walked away
From there

Failure was heartbroken
So was Success
Failure thought never to talk with

Failure wrote a poem on Success
Without understanding

Failure was in great pain
Failure was sad
Very sad
Thinking of him

Success always forgave Failure
Success always understood Failure

Failure was upset
Success wanted failure to be mature

Failure replayed
Time spent with
Success in his mind

Failure was in a bad mood
Success had no time to think about all this

Failure left
With tears in his eyes

It rained heavily
Success and Failure
Both were drenched in rain water

Failure was dying
Failure was there waiting for him to help
Success saw him helplessly
Success left him there

Failure thought
Life was over
It's time to say goodbye

Failure cried and cried
Failure lamented
Being friends with success

Failure accused him
Of breaking his promise
Made by Success
Everytime he asked her

Failure saw the
World turning white
In front of his eyes
World coming to an end

Just then
He saw him
He saw Success
Coming with help

After some time
Failure was saved by

Failure was sad to think pessimistically
About his friend
About his best friend
About his true friend

Failure started crying
Failure was broken
Success came
Lifted him up
Made her smile

Success told failure
It was not his fault
He wrote his true feelings
He wrote what he thought

Success said to Failure
I am with you always
At every place
At every time

Success asked Failure
Will you be my friend always
Will you be with me always
Will you be there for me
Will you be my heartbeat
Will you never leave me
Never and ever

Failure in tears replied
Yes I am with you
I will be with you
I will never leave you

Success and
Both cried together that day

That day
Both realised
Each other's importance
Love for each other
Unbreakable bond

Got to know
The biggest truth

Success said to failure
I am nothing without you
Failure replied
I am also nothing without you

Success said to failure
I am always there for you no matter what happens
Failure replied
I am also there for you

Success said
You and I will always remain good friends
Failure replied
Yes we will

From that day onwards
Success and Failure both have been
Best friends forever

They both are a team
They both are dependent on each other
They can't survive alone

In the end
Both join hands
To bring out the best

Without Failure
Success can't be achieved
Without success
Failure can't be experienced.

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