Friday, 23 June 2017

Biding Farewell

Sitting silently in my room
With music playing in my phone
Ears covered with  headphones
Waiting for sleep to come
I sat there

Listening to my favorite songs
On repeat mode
Humming them
I sat there

Remembering some happy days of my life
Moments spent with my loved ones
Memories made to cherish always
I sat there

Writing my bucket list
Adding more and more to it
Without giving a damn to anything
I sat there

Keeping my phone aside
Removing my headphones
Trying to sleep
I lay there

Rain pouring down
Rain of tears
Rolling down my cheeks
I lay there

Seeing the photos
Looking at them
With mixed feelings
I lay there

Reading the old texts
Reading the old mails
Exchanged with my people
I lay there

Watching them scoring new heights
Hoping for a better tomorrow
Seeing them smile
I lay there

Hoping for a better world for me
Drenched in sweat of sadness
Waiting for the sunshine
I lay there

Hearing the music of the weather
Pit-patter drops of rain
Falling on my room's roof
I lay there

Quietly I move out of my room
To feel the rain
To be a kid again
I stood there

Feeling the rain water
In my hands
I stood there

Nothing is going as expected
Nothing seems to be better
Waiting for the right moment
I stood there

Going no where in life
Yet with a happy face
Waiting for things to be normal
I stood there

Lost in my own pessimistic thoughts
Lost in my own  depressed world
I forgot
Someone patting on my shoulders

To my utter surprise
It was the rain
Drenching everything

Moving closely to me
Rain talked to me
About her life

How she is cursed by many
For being on time
For being late

How children wait for her
Forgetting everything
Seeing her

How mature and adult people
Try to save them from her
Deep down want to get drenched in rain

How couples madly in love
Celebrate her coming
Holding each other hands tight

How suddenly the other people
Never leave a stone unturned to her
Complain her of coming at the wrong time

How weather becomes pleasant
Seeing people enjoy so much
Having their best time

She feels good
She feels great
She feels privileged

To bring a smile on their faces
To give them happiness
To soothe them emotionally

She tells me
She shares with me
Her life

Her sadness
The world is ignorant of
Her pain
The world is ignorant of

Sadness of leaving her home
Her magnificient empire
Her beautiful home
The Sky

Pain of losing her friends
Pain of breaking of her bond
Pain of going away from her friends

Friends who are always with her
Holding her tightly
Caring for her

Being there for her
Whenever she wants to
Sharing so much with her friends

Her friends who are divided by their shapes
Yet united by their work
Her friends

She was feeling low
The pain of losing the touch
Of her mother nature

She feels sad to go away from
Her friends

She tells that when her friends are sad
When they feel low
They cry
They cry a lot

And sends her to us
The rain which we see
Are her friends tears

When they can't hold on for much time
They just let it go as HIS will
And she starts pouring from above

She sees her friends for the last time
Before she starts her journey
They prepare her for her flight

Lightning​ and thunderstorms
Helped by the wind
They collide with each other

Supporting her as always
The voice which is so loud
It is actually the screaming of the clouds
Crying for help

Helplessly they collide with each other
Sending her to us
Making us happy

HE sees all this
With HIS little angel

HE knows well
Feeling her
Children will be the happiest
Catching her
They try to hold her in their tiny hands

HE sees her
With his another  angel

Youth is engrossed in feeling rain
Getting drenched
Sitting silently
Having a good time

Seen by people
They are thrashed by them
For being in love
A sin for them

Finally he sees her girl
Taking her last breath
Looking at him
Heavenly in love
HIS angel standing there
Taking her to heaven

HE sees all this
With his angel

An old couple seeing them together in love
For the last ninety years
Setting an example for others

Having tea
Remembering their old days
Yet golden days of life
Their college days

Seeing how life has changed
Over the years
How everything has changed
Yet nothing

Love becoming strong
Day by day
Togetherness flowing always

This time HIS angel
Appears in a form of HIS creation
A girl crying

Seeing her cry
They ask her
Tells them which is best for her

The girl vanishes into thin air
Never ending
Elderly  love

Telling me all this
She cries a lot
Seeing her cry

I introspect myself
What I had was the greatest treasure
What I lost was meant to be

In complicating my life
I am losing which I have at present
My family
My friends
My people

Who have been with me
Who are with me
Who will be with me always

I remember his words
I remember him
With sadness engulfing me

I cry for him everyday
I miss him everyday
Meeting him for once

Not only me but our whole family
Misses him everyday
In happiness
In sadness

She picks me up
She makes me calm down
She reveals her coming

She tells me all this
She has been sent by him
...........Three years ago

She told me
Reading my mind
He sent her

To tell me not to feel low
To take care of our family
To congratulate me on achieving new heights

To remember his teachings
To remember he is always there for us

To tell me that he is always there with us
With us everywhere
Seeing us
Remembering us from his new home

With HIM living peacefully
Helping us in every way possible
Seeing us happy is his happiest day

Telling me this
It stopped raining
With a rainbow for the first time of eight colours
Eighth colour was white
Symbolising peace

With a sunshine
Reaching my face
Penetrating into my skin

He with HIM smiling at me
Wishing us best in life
I stood there with a big smile
Waving at the sky

Looking at ........ photos
With a smile on my face
Remembering the best days spent

I came inside my room
Sleep coming to me
I slept with happiness in my eyes

To welcome a new day in my life
To welcome a new chapter in my life
With saying hello to my life
Biding my lost life a farewell.

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