Thursday, 8 June 2017

An Adieu To You

Today she has gone
She said looking at me
Tears falling down
Eyes welled up
Grief seen in her eyes

Without saying a goodbye
Without meeting me
Without having a last talk
Without saying anything

She has  gone so far
She has gone very far
She has gone away from me
She has gone forever and ever

It was the hot summery afternoon
Everyone was talking about her
Everyone wanted to meet her
The new student
Everyone wished to have a talk with her

I too wanted to meet her
I wanted to have a talk with her
I wanted to hear about her
I wanted to hear from her
Yet wasn't able to do so
Because of my introvert nature

I saw her
From a distance
She was getting​ social with everyone
I was busy watching her

I saw her
Her glowing face
Her neatly combed black hairs
Her eyes so black
Her innocent smile

I saw her
Waiting for her
To hear a word from her
To hear her melodious voice
To start a conversation with her

That was for the first time
I talked to her
I do remember each and every word
I remember everything
Clearly like water

Days passed by
I started talking to her
I took her number
Saved it in my contacts

Talking to her
I forgot that
I was again coming  in between two best friends
I thought I was ruining Friendship of others again

I thought not to talk to her
I thought to be practical
Yet I failed
I wanted to talk
My mind said no
My heart said yes

After some years
Everything changed
Classes changed
Streams changed

With that
Aims changed
Aspirations changed
Dreams changed
Careers changed

She was still the same
As she was some years​ back

 I wanted to tell her many things
Yet I couldn't
I wanted to say her so much
Yet I couldn't
I wanted to show her my writings
Yet I couldn't

I had lost my so called other
Best friend
I wanted to talk to her
But what I didn't knew

Technology was a saviour for me
Again I was in touch with her
Again I started talking to her
Again I started to tell her irrelevant stuff
Again I started to share everything
Again I started to share my feelings with her

Blunders done by me
Mistakes commited by me
Made things like a puzzle

Because of me
I ruined her friendship
I am without true friends
Waiting for my friend to come back
I am still waiting for her
 To see my friend

I know​ I was wrong
It was me who took her for granted
It was me who was not a good friend
It was me who spoilt such a lovely bond
Of Friendship

She always forgave me
For behaving immaturely
For not understanding her
For not listening to her

She always gave me so many chances
To be better
To improve
To behave

She is the gem
Which I have lost
Lost because of me
Only me

I  thank her
For everything
For each and everything done by her
For tolerating me
For making me better
For teaching me so much
To value relationships​
To value people.

Saying these lines
She went
Where ? Why?
Nobody knows.

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