Friday, 2 June 2017

A Letter To You With Love

In few days  you will be going very far to start a new life for which I am happy for you. You will be meeting new people from new places with new backgrounds.You will be starting your new life with new hopes new challenges new aspiration new ambitions new things new dawn .Here I will be waiting for your message for your one call to hear from you.I will be reading your messages again and again.I will be longing to wait for you.Looking forward to meet you.I won't annoy you. I won't disturb you.You won't get disturbed by my useless messages.You won't get a call from me at anytime whether day or night.Here I will be struggling to get out of my depression.I will be struggling how to deal with life.You won't be here to listen to me to listen to my problems to give me one of the best advice.You won't be here to guide me to motivate me to tell me to chide me at times to tell me how to be serious to tell me what's best for me to be independent to do things which will help me to help me to get out of my daydreaming to get out of my dilemma.You won't be here to mprove me to make me better.That does not means that I will be idle.Years ago I met you on this lonely island of life.At that time I didn't knew that I will be so close to you.I may not talk to you about other things yet I talk to you.Wherever you might be you will keep inspiring me to be a better person in Life. I   will be here missing you very much.I will be waiting for your text and calls. I don't know what will happen in future will we be connected with each other or not but yes I have learnt so much from you.I have learnt many great things from you.I have learnt what to say and what not to say.What to write what not to write whom to tell whom not to tell. Now I know the meaning of the saying A man is judged by the company he keeps. I don't know do you also feel the same as I feel about you.Its okay we can't and also we shouldn't force anyone to feel for us as the way we think about others.I just want to say sorry for not keeping up my promise. I am sorry for not understanding you. I am sorry for not listening to you. I am sorry for taking you for granted.Whenever you wanted to tell me something I turned a deaf ear for which I am sorry. I am sorry for making conclusions myself about you when you were just being practically.I was thinking from heart you were thinking from mind.I am sorry for being selfish at times for not letting you concentrate at your studies.I just value you.In fear of losing you from my life I lost you forever and ever. In trying to stay connected with you I lost you unknowingly and unintentionally.Sorry I can't say this to you in person. I don't know why infront of you I become blank.I want to say so much yet seeing you I become dumbstruck and blank. I don't know why I am doing this some have started to say that I am addicted to you and also obsessed with you.I don't know why they say like this.May be they are right but they don't know about the difficulties of being an introvert person then getting such nice person and then losing them because of one's mistakes and blunders which no body does such immature things. I have never been so close to anyone except for my family and my sister. I don't want to have sympathy. I do know after reading this many will make fun of me will laugh at me.It is okay to think like this.I just want to thank you and wish you the best for your future.Go and achieve new heights.

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