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The Witty White.

The night is falling in
Stars shinning so bright
Moonlight reaching out to me
Wind blowing like a sweet melody

I see you
Through my window
I see you covered in white 
All white

I see your carriage
White in colour
Decorated with white flowers and
With white ribbons.

I know you are waiting for me
So am I
I also long for you
I also wait for you passionately

I see no reason to be there
I have lost everything
The things which were treasure for me
The time which I had

I have lost everyone
My family 
My friends
Whom I thought 
As my best friends
As my true friends

I have lost all the hopes
I have lost all the passion
I have lost all the happiness
I have lost all the push

I have become heartless
I have become emotionless
I have become painless
I have become soulless

When I had feelings
They told me to grow up
When I was happy always
They told me to grow up

When I had heart 
They told me to be serious
When I had emotional life
They told me to be serious

When I found hopes to live
They told me to behave myself
When I found little joys of life
They told me to behave myself

When I told them
They asked me to be independent
When I hided from them
They asked me to not to be independent

When I told them my fears
They expected​ me to be fearless
When I became fearless
They expected me to be fearful

When I told them my real feelings for them
They thought 
I was forcing them to talk to me

When I discussed my next step with them
They told me not to tell them
Prove it by working on it

When I wanted to live
They all left me
Saying the same thing
To be serious in life

Everyone left me
Without any valid reason
Friends whom I thought 
They will be forever and ever
With whom I can be myself
With whom I can talk for long
With whom I can be everything
But it was my illusion
And illusions differ from reality a lot

I  wonder 
Are they right
Am I like as they say
Am I like as they think me to be

After getting so many rejection
After getting much dejection
After getting much neglection
And from all this
Much depression

I have become painless
I have become emotionless
I have become heartless
I have become lifeless

I can improve myself
For their better
But I can't change myself
For them

I can't stop being myself
I can't force you to be with me 
I can't be someone who I am not

What you think is my weakness
That's my strength
What you feel 
What you think
What you do
Reflects in my world

I do wait for that whiteness 
I wait for the peace
Peaceful world
Where I am accepted as the way I am

I have come a long way
I have been in touch with everyone
For which I was thought to be idle

At times I wonder 
What is Maturity
What is to be like an adult
When you don't have empathy
I don't want your empathy
I don't want your sympathy

Just by being rude
Just by being no where when your loved ones needed you
Just by leaving everyone in their hard times
You can't call yourself adult

If this is how you define maturity
If this is whom you call adult
I am happy to be immature
I am happy not to be an adult

I am happy to be alone
I find solace
I find me time
I find to create myself

You keep doing 
Whatever you are doing
You keep saying things to me
Saying and criticising me

For it makes me strong
For it makes my world more beautiful
For it keeps me going
For it helps me

To wander
To get lost in nature
To get where I want to
To fight all odds

To shine brightly 
Like stars
To reach where I will be happy
Just as moonlight reaches the ground
To make a silent noise
Just like the blowing wind
Who blows like a sweet melody
Who blows like a sweet song

You judge me
You rate me
You break me
You shake me
You pull down me and
I will keep growing 
Silently like a tiny plant

I will take time
As great things take time to happen
I will be slow
Yet steadily will reach out.

I have got to know that 
Here I have to make a place for myself
No one will do it for me
Nobody will.

The world is
Mature yet immature
Rich yet poor
Soulful yet soulless
Sense yet senseless
Successful yet unsuccessful
Intelligent yet foolish

In my peaceful world
There is nothing​ much
But whatever is
It's enough for me to live and to let live.

You have made me heartless
You have made me lifeless
You have made me mindless
Yet somewhere
Deep down​
I have emotions
I have feelings
I have memories
Which will heal me up faster
And I will get healed up.

But do remember
Here no one is perfect
Neither you nor me
Except Him
Here no one is without faws
Neither you nor me
Except Him

At the end 
We are His children
We are His Adam and Eve
We are not HIM

I know if I am here today
It's because of some reason
To love others
To care for others
To be kind
To be selfless
To be with everyone
In rain
In storm
In sunshine
In mind
In prayers
In peace
In sad days
In happy days.

You might stop doing all this
In becoming modern and
I will keep doing all this till my last breath
In creating a world which it once was.

Where you stop caring and thinking of others
There I start thinking and caring for

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