Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Last Note

The Last Note
Found by Ms. Mary
Was very long

Long very long
So long
It was looking like an encyclopedia

Ms. Mary tried to read it
But there​ was no word written
But it was very long

I found it cried Ms. Mary
The people from distant land
Came in huge groups

Just to have a look at it
People saw it
With eyes wide open

But they also couldn't
Read it
Depressed they went back to their homes

People of Asterland
They were ruled by
Magicians having magical powers

All tried to read it
Yet none could read it
Yet everyone wanted to read it

The people thought
It was it
Who could bring bad luck to them

People unanimously agreed
To keep it out of the town
To get rid of it

Ms. Mary tried to stop them
From doing so
The people didn't heard her

Ms. Mary was determined to
Know about it
Ms. Mary wanted to know the mystery

In night when
Asterland was sleeping
Ms. Mary thought to know about it

Ms. Mary went to the place
Where it was kept safely
Ms. Mary took it out

Again tried to read it
When moving to her place
It started raining heavily

Ms. Mary ran inside her house
Keeping it on her table
Ms. Mary went to close the door

Ms. Mary saw it
The words were visible now
The sentences were clearly visible.

Ms. Mary took a chair
Read it the whole night
Deeply engrossed in reading
Ms. Mary read it fully completed it

In morning when
People were searching for it
Ms. Mary went to them
Showed it to them.

After a deep study of it
Ms. Mary came to the conclusion
It was written with the invisible ink pen

Which is visible by adding drops of water
To read it

Asterland celebrated it
With pomp and show
Ms. Mary was praised by all

They wanted to know
What was written
Ms. Mary told them vividly
About it

The Last Note was read by all
It was the last note
Which was written by invisible ink pen
Was it? Or

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