Sunday, 28 May 2017

One Day

Today I saw him
Going to his place
With his broken heart

I tried to stop him
He did not stopped
He kept walking

He was wearing a hat red in colour
Face covered with a brown scarf
Only his eyes were visible
A torn suit with a half made bow
A pair of boots stitched from sides

He went moving
He kept going
Without any destination

His face covered with sadness
His brown eyes 
Swollen with tears

I followed him
I followed him to know 
What was wrong

I wanted to know
Where he was going
Where he wanted to go

Following him for quite some time
I thought to go and talk to him
To know more about him

Hardly had I thought to go and meet him
He started crying in agony
He was in great pain

The pain which we all go through
The pain which can't be seen physically
The pain which ruins our life

It was the emotional pain
It was the pain which can't be healed easily
It is more intense than physical wounds

Remembering the lines from
Book The Fault In Our Stars
Pain demands to be felt

I tried to console him
He lay there
Broken shattered into pieces

I asked him
What was wrong
He told me his heart ,his feelings

He was going through all this
From much time
He wanted to run away

He started to run away from this
His life was a hard life
Harder than his lost love

He lost all the treasures of life
He lost everything
In a blink of eye

I told him he is alive
Running away wont help
Face life face challenges
Which was advised by my friend once

He was broken
I told him that it will get healed
With new hopes he should start a new life

He promised to
Give it a fresh start
With new beginnings

Little did I know
He was that same man
Whom I thought to meet him one day

Blessing me
He went from there
Again I missed a chance to meet him.

Yet I was happy
Once again he inspired me
He made me smile.

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