Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Let me

Let me enjoy
The beauty of the silent night
Before morning comes

Let me hear
The roar of the sky
Before weather gets fine

Let me feel
The chilly wind over my face
Before wind stops blowing

Let me listen
The voice of my heart
Before others tell me

Let me see
The snowy​ mountains
Before the rays of the sun reach

Let me watch
The best things of the world
Before they get extinct

Let me visit
The most interesting places of the world
Before life gets tough

Let me experience
The view of the sea
Before tide comes in between

Let me travel
The whole world
Before I get old and weak

Let me know
The truth of the life
Before the carriage arrives

Let me think
The best moments spent with you
Before they are gone

Let me remember
The amazing memories made with you
Before connection is lost

Let me write
The importance of you in my life
Before time

Let me tell
The untold stories about me
Before I forget them

Let me share
The unshared secrets with you
Before they are just secrets

Let me change
The way of the thinking
Before the dusky clouds come in view

Let me make
The world a better place to live in
Before world becomes hell

Let me enjoy
The solitude of my life
Before others interfere

Let me save
The innocence
Before maturity creeps in

Let me speak
The feelings of my heart
Before they get locked in my mind forever and ever

Let me bring
The joys of the world
Before sorrows rule the world

Let me learn
The meaning of Life
Before it is taken away by God

Let me live
The awesome gift of Him
Before I am carried away.

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