Wednesday, 17 May 2017


I am humility
I once was crowned as 
The Mother Of All Virtues
In olden days 
I was gold for people 
People only wanted me 
Those were the glorious days when I was respected
but now in these modern days
I m just a fish out of water
just a pond without water
just a book without knowledge
just a park without swings
just a garden without flowers blooming all day
just a bird without wings 
I wish 
may my time come and
I can be like how was I in those golden days
the golden era of mine life
people hate me now 
I cannot exist in this modern world
but to my rescue 
I have people who love me
who follow me in their day to day lives
these people tell me that
in this modern world 
still I have a place for myself
though small but
I am happy with these people
its better to have someone 
I wish these kind people could convince others 
also that I am in need 
I need more people to be with me 
I wish that my wish gets fulfilled
before its too late
this is just what I want from world 
To have me placed in their lives.
For I will be always there for them
In everything
At everytime
Till then 
I will keep up to the expectations of these people

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