Friday, 12 May 2017

Divine Love

What was wrong with us
I want to ask you
What was missing in us
I want to ask you

What was there
Was it ego
Was it our set priorities or
Was it something else

We started our life with a ray of sunshine
With each passing day it became intense
With each passing minute
We became strong like clusters of stars

Everything was going perfect
From where did the furious storm came
Without any care
Without any statutory warning

Our love was so eternal
Our love was so pure
Our love was so fresh like lillies
Our love was so reserved

We had sought  out the differences between us
Difference of caste and creed
Difference of religion and culture
Difference of upper and lower classes
Difference of strong and weak

We were so engrossed in ourselves
We forgot the heaviness which was around us
We forgot the ongoing chaos
We forgot the battle between heart and mind

We were drawn to each other
As it was planned by destiny itself
We were awestruck
When we first met
As it was planned by destiny.

We did'nt talked for days
We just saw each other
From a distance
Enjoying the isolated love

Days passed like this
Seeing each other
Waiting for the right moment
We parted by distance

Before parting
Without hesitation
We exchanged addresses
Giving momentum to a new chapter

In  a world of smartphones
We wrote letters to each other
Writing and waiting for replies
Were more comforting to us than Whatsapp

Letters were a source of going on
Without seeing each other
Yet we communicated
Not by video conferencing but by understanding

We used to send blank letters
Just to feel
Just to understand each other
Touching hearts without saying a word

We were so far
Yet so close
We were divided by distance
Yet united by togetherness

We were getting attracted
In our own imaginations
In our own world
We found our pure love

In our love
We were ruled by Cupid
In our togetherness
We were ruled by Cupid

After such wonderful days
We were greeted by dark grey clouds
Which were unknown to us of
Which we did'nt knew

Yet we faced it
Holding hands tightly
like a rock

But this time
Something was different
Something was strange
Something was weird

Seeing things falling apart
We tried to make it better
We decided to meet once again
After so long

We were planning to meet
But that never happened
You ditched me
You broke your promise

You left me in pieces
You changed your city
You changed your home
You changed your friends
You changed your number too
which you had given before leaving

Your new home
can't be seen
Your new city
can't be seen
Your new friends
can't be seen
Your new number
can't be dialed.

Your new life can be felt
Your new life can be imagined
Only with closed eyes
You ended a beautiful chapter before completing it

Yet moments spent
letters received
are engraved in my memory forever and ever
As divine love.

Life has freezed for me I have lost all  My day starts with sadness ends in depression I don't want to know what's going on ...