Thursday, 25 May 2017

Being In Love

Have you ever been in love
She asked me
Are you seeing someone
She again asked me

Listening to her questions
I was cold
Ignoring her
I moved on

Is there anyone in your life
She again asked me
This time with more enthusiasm

I asked her
Why are you asking me such questions
She said
By reading my writings she thought

No time
I said yes
She was amazed

She enquired
With whom
Followed by other questions

I said yes
I have been in love
With my family
With my friends

I said yes
I am seeing
Not someone
But many

I am seeing plants grow
I am seeing lofty mountains
I am seeing greeny fields
I am seeing sea shore
I am seeing waves hitting the sea shore
I am seeing ponds filled with lotus
I am seeing lakes surrounded by migratory birds
I am seeing rivers flowing

Again I told her
I have seen people die of hunger
I have seen people living a miserable life
I have seen people fighting over petty issues
I have seen people struggling to live

I went on telling her
I have seen people neglecting others
I have seen people ignoring others
I have seen people exploiting others

I further told her
I have seen nice people
I have seen genuine people
I have seen people living their life to the fullest

I was telling her
She stopped me midway
Saying not a word
She went.

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