Monday, 22 May 2017

A Writer's World

Listening to her favorite heartbreaking songs
She woke up from her sleep
Thinking that something good will happen
She got up from her bed

Surprisingly she forgot
Her birthday
Her day
Her happiest day of the year

The day which she waited for the whole year
She checked her phone
No birthday wishes
No missed calls

Calmly she checked her other social networks
No posts
No messages

She thought to her
What has happened to her
Is she alright
Is everything fine with her

Pondering upon
She remembered
Her deadly past
Her evil past

She didn't wanted to spoil her mood
She wanted her day to be a great one
She kept herself strongly
She didn't did that

Cursing herself
She refreshed her mood
She made herself comfortable
She made herself better

Punishing herself
She recollected all the past events
She remembered all the events
In a flashback

She remembered how she was disowned by her haters
She remembered how she was ignored by  world
She remembered how she was neglected by the world
Just for one mistake

Her mistake was to change this world
Her mistake was to love
Love not him
But her writing

She was told to stop writing
She was barred from reading too
She was left in this world with her textbooks
A world where she was a foreigner

She was always told that
Her writing was nothing
She can't write well
Was the thought of the world

For them she was nothing
She wasn't a good writer
But for her family and friends
She was a good writer

She knew well
She was just a small fraction
Of the literary world
Other writers of the world are far better than her

But she was learning
She was maturing
In her poetry
In her writing

She was depressed
She was dejected
She was determined

She was slow in her writing
She did well in writing
For her family
For her friends

The support which she wanted
Was only given by her grandmother
By her parents
By her sister  brothers and her friends

They believed in her potential
More than herself
Her dream was
Their  dream

At every step
They did things which boosted her confidence
Sometimes knowingly
Sometimes unknowingly

Her parents sister and friends were
An inspiration for her
As far as writing is concerned
They themselves were in writing field

She did  got sad
When people ignored her writing
But remembering her sister and her friends words to not to go after these people
She again started writing with more enthusiasm

Her sister knew her
She told her to write and write
From her very first poem to her latest
She was an integral part

One side was the world
Criticising her for her writing and poetry
On the other side
Was her friend

Always guiding her
Always editing her draft but not changing it
Always helping her to write better
Her friend was always there

She made her writing more beautiful
More innovating
Even in her busy schedule
Even in her exams

She was her constant support
She was her constant companion
She was her mentor
She was her inspiration

Seeing all this
She rediscovered herself that day
On her birthday
She was given the best gift
The gift of lost writing
Her talent was back to make a difference

When she felt low
She wrote
When she was happy
She wrote

When everything was at its place
She wrote
When everything was breaking a part
She wrote

For the world
She was immature
For the world
She was rude

For the world
She was cold natured
For the world
She was self centered

She was
She definitely was
As she was lost in her own thoughts
As she was lost in her own world
In the world of writing

She found happiness
She found bliss
She found herself
In writing

For her everything was second
For her writing was her priority
For her writing was important
More than her exams

She studied well
But not better for her exams
As writing was in her mind
She wanted to write and write

She was not a famous writer
She was not known by many
Only her family and her friends knew her

She wrote on every topic
She wrote whatever she wrote was not enough for her
She imagined
She wrote
She saw
She wrote
She thought
She wrote

For her nature was her best teacher
For her getting lost in nature was a blessing
For her snow covered mountains were her friends
For her flowing stream was world challenging her
For her mother nature was her life

She read Wordsworth
The more she read
The more she wrote
On nature
On waterfalls
On greeny fields.

That day
Something happened
Something so beautiful
Which changed her forever and ever

That day
She didn't celebrated her birthday
But celebrated her life
Which was her life
She stepped in her world

Facing criticism
Ignoring all the negativity
Inspiring herself
Making herself comfortable
Giving her all
She came out of her dilemma courageously
She evolved as a better writer

She did had a belief in her
She knew she was a writer for life
She was going to shatter herself into pieces
Was saved by her family and friends

She got up
To make herself better
From her previous writing
To write again
But what
She didn't know

She went
She went depper
In her thoughts
In her world.

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