Saturday, 13 May 2017

A Star

Standing near by my window
I see you everyday
I see you every night
I wave to you
But you don't wave me back
I see you there at your home
I want to visit your home someday
I want to see how your home looks like
I want to see the view of my home from your home
I imagine your home minutely
I had thought your home to be hot
Hot like Mars
I see your home to be cold
Your home has no people like us
Your home has good hopes
Your home has a crystal clear view
Your home has no doors
Your home has no windows
None has tried to write on your home
I see your home full of goodness
Your home becomes hot
When devil creeps in
Your home is always twinkling
From others view
Just as the grass is greener on the other side
Though inside it is hazy
Darkness keeps her watch
With devil
What we see as twinkling of you
It is devils eye
Mocking and fooling us
I had instinct of you becoming a victim of
Unspoken desires
Hopes shattered
Your inner being undiscovered
Your inner self  screaming
Yet you twinkle
Twinkle every night
You shine and let others shine
You see yourself in a prolonged season
Yet you smile
You twinkle 
With glee
You want to flee
You wait for the right time
You wait for your freedom
You try to break all the chains
Seeing your neighbours
You wait for the dawn to come
You wait for the holy light
You wait for another day
You wait for your right time
Till then
You twinkle
Just like as flowers bloom
You wait for your hopes turning into realities
You patiently wait for it
Till then
Be firm as you have been
Be strong as you have been
Here I will be praying for you
Praying for your..........
May be you...................
May be you start...............
Perhaps you will.................

Life has freezed for me I have lost all  My day starts with sadness ends in depression I don't want to know what's going on ...