Saturday, 27 May 2017

A Strange Ragpicker

Sitting on my terrace
At night
Having coffee
In silence

I hear his voice
I have been hearing his voice
For more than five years

He passes by my house
Singing a song inaudible to me
Having an empty bag on his back

I see him everyday
I patiently wait for him
Seeing him
I feel better

I see him everyday
In a blue shirt
With torn black jeans
Wearing brown sandals

I see him everyday
Having nothing much
Yet everything
With him

Some people call him​ mental
Some people call him abnormal
Nobody knows about him
Nobody wants to know about him

After waiting to see him clearly
Today I saw him
When he stopped near my house
Murmuring some words

I saw his face for the first time
His face has given a long lasting
Impression on me which
I wont forget never

He has a face so thin
Thinner than his thin body
Having four lines
On his forehead

His eyes
Dark brown in colour
Deeper than the Pacific Ocean
Searching something

His black hairs
Longer than usual
Blacker than the darkness
Darker in the night

His long ears
Longer than the wavelength
Ears dying to hear
Soothing words

His long nose
Not longer than
The wide smile
On his thin lips

I see him
Happy always
Happier than
When I last saw him

He sings loud sometimes
When he doesn't see anyone
For this
People call him attention seeker

His aims are high
Higher than the towers
His life is tough
Tougher than climbing mountain

He doesn't sees anything
He doesn't stop
He keeps going
He doesn't listens to anyone

Other people say things to him
Some openly
Some indirectly
Ignoring he keeps moving

Many of them
Criticise him
Yet he doesn't give them attention
Faces criticism like silent night

He inspires me
He encourages me
He motivates me
Without looking at me
Without saying a word to me

He comes daily
With his heavy steps
With his soulful voice
Reaching to me before he reaches

With his coming
I feel blessed
With his going
I feel trapped

He has made me realise
The true meaning of life
Living happily under every situation
Smiling always

People call him poor
Yet he is rich in values
People insult him
Yet he respects them

His way of carrying him
Is a treat to eyes
His carefree attitude
Makes me to let go  negativity

His optimistic approach
Towards life
Makes me wonder
Where I am heading

He enjoys his life
To the fullest
Without spending a penny
He is enjoying life everyday

I see him
Lost in his world
Away from this cruel and dominating world

He has secluded himself from the world
To get lost in another  world
Musical world
Getting relaxed by singing

Moving nonstop on foot
Going somewhere
In search of acceptance
I guess
In search of love
I guess
In search of care
I guess

I will meet him the next day
Will have a conversation with him
Will know where he goes everynight
Will ask him the route to happiness
Will get to know him better.

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