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Let me

Let me enjoy
The beauty of the silent night
Before morning comes

Let me hear
The roar of the sky
Before weather gets fine

Let me feel
The chilly wind over my face
Before wind stops blowing

Let me listen
The voice of my heart
Before others tell me

Let me see
The snowy​ mountains
Before the rays of the sun reach

Let me watch
The best things of the world
Before they get extinct

Let me visit
The most interesting places of the world
Before life gets tough

Let me experience
The view of the sea
Before tide comes in between

Let me travel
The whole world
Before I get old and weak

Let me know
The truth of the life
Before the carriage arrives

Let me think
The best moments spent with you
Before they are gone

Let me remember
The amazing memories made with you
Before connection is lost

Let me write
The importance of you in my life
Before time

Let me tell
The untold stories about me
Before I forget them

Let me share
The unshared secrets with you
Before they are just secrets

Let me change
The way of…

Meet Me

Meet me my friend
Meet me my good  friend
Once before you go

Meet me my friend
Meet me my good old friend
Once before you go far away

Meet me my friend
For I will miss you

Meet me my friend
For I will wait for you

Meet me my friend
For I will long to hear from you

Meet me my friend
For I can't wait for you

Meet me my friend
For I won't make you sad

Meet me my friend
For I won't let you break down

Meet me my friend
For I won't disturb you

Meet me my friend
For I won't let you down

Meet me my friend
For you won't be able to meet me again

Meet me my friend
For you won't be free to meet me

Meet me my friend
For you won't see me

Meet me my friend
For you won't be able to hear from me

Meet me my friend
For you will not be understood by

Meet me my friend
For you won't be able to believe

Meet me my friend
For you won't be busy f…

As You Like It

Everything has changed
So dramatically
So drastically

There is nothing left in me
I have lost all hopes
I have lost everything

The dreams which
I had
I have seen

The ambitions which
I had
The aspirations which
I had

I don't see any scope
To live
To live for a better living

I cry and cry
I don't know

I want to cry and cry
The whole day
The reason
I don't know

I don't know
Where I am going
Where I am heading in life

I want to flee
I don't know

I want to run
I don't know

The thought of failing in life
Kills me more

I try to concentrate
I can't
I try to go away far
I can't

I see my life
Breaking into pieces
Infront of me

The very thought of
Doing nothing great
In academics
In any other field
Makes me mad

I know
It was my choice
It was my idea

I have so many
Regrets and Failures
In life

I know
It was my mistake
It was my ignorance
It was my carelessness
It was my rule

I know
Now I can't change anything
I can't do anything abou…

One Day

Today I saw him
Going to his place With his broken heart
I tried to stop him He did not stopped He kept walking
He was wearing a hat red in colour
Face covered with a brown scarf
Only his eyes were visible A torn suit with a half made bow A pair of boots stitched from sides
He went moving He kept going Without any destination
His face covered with sadness His brown eyes  Swollen with tears
I followed him I followed him to know  What was wrong

I wanted to know
Where he was going
Where he wanted to go

Following him for quite some time
I thought to go and talk to him
To know more about him

Hardly had I thought to go and meet him
He started crying in agony
He was in great pain

The pain which we all go through
The pain which can't be seen physically
The pain which ruins our life

It was the emotional pain
It was the pain which can't be healed easily
It is more intense than physical wounds

Remembering the lines from
Book The Fault In Our Stars
Pain demands to be felt

I tried to cons…

A Strange Ragpicker

Sitting on my terrace
At night
Having coffee
In silence

I hear his voice
I have been hearing his voice
For more than five years

He passes by my house
Singing a song inaudible to me
Having an empty bag on his back

I see him everyday
I patiently wait for him
Seeing him
I feel better

I see him everyday
In a blue shirt
With torn black jeans
Wearing brown sandals

I see him everyday
Having nothing much
Yet everything
With him

Some people call him​ mental
Some people call him abnormal
Nobody knows about him
Nobody wants to know about him

After waiting to see him clearly
Today I saw him
When he stopped near my house
Murmuring some words

I saw his face for the first time
His face has given a long lasting
Impression on me which
I wont forget never

He has a face so thin
Thinner than his thin body
Having four lines
On his forehead

His eyes
Dark brown in colour
Deeper than the Pacific Ocean
Searching something

His black hairs
Longer than usual
Blacker than the darkness
Darker …

A New Life

Sitting near the beach
Having a good time
I lay there

The wet brown sand
Touching my feet
Speaking volumes
Unheard by me

Sea roaring
Breezy wind blowing
Touching my gloomy face
Telling me unseen things

Coconut trees
Reaching the sky
Touching the roaring sky
With ease

Clusters of waves
Reaching out to me
Going away from me in a blink of eye
Hitting the sea shore

Making the brown sand wet
Wet with tears
Tears rolling down in form of
Land and Sea breeze

Looking at the vast sea
Watching the sea getting emotional
Sea dealing with his emotions

I lay there
Seeing sea going through all
Fighting back bravely
Closing my eyes I thought about myself

Remembering the good old days
When I was good
Good in academics
Good in handling life

Days well spent
Days when innocence was my strength
Days when I was serious
Days when I was sincere

Childhood days
Spent beautifully
With my sister and brothers
Which were the best days of my life

With teenage years
Came the fear of acceptance and…

Being In Love

Have you ever been in love
She asked me
Are you seeing someone
She again asked me

Listening to her questions
I was cold
Ignoring her
I moved on

Is there anyone in your life
She again asked me
This time with more enthusiasm

I asked her
Why are you asking me such questions
She said
By reading my writings she thought

No time
I said yes
She was amazed

She enquired
With whom
Followed by other questions

I said yes
I have been in love
With my family
With my friends

I said yes
I am seeing
Not someone
But many

I am seeing plants grow
I am seeing lofty mountains
I am seeing greeny fields
I am seeing sea shore
I am seeing waves hitting the sea shore
I am seeing ponds filled with lotus
I am seeing lakes surrounded by migratory birds
I am seeing rivers flowing

Again I told her
I have seen people die of hunger
I have seen people living a miserable life
I have seen people fighting over petty issues
I have seen people struggling to live

I went on telling her
I have seen people negl…

Someday Somewhere

On my way to office
I see him everyday
At the same place
In the same clothes

Wearing bright white  t-shirt and
A Black Pants
With slogan
Work Hard

I see him always
Sitting under a shady tree
With him boundless packed
Selling books and magazines

I try to interact with him
Everytime I try
I am unable to interact
With him as he is busy with his other customers

Seeing him
So busy
I change my mind and
Move on to my way

Thinking about him
So deeply
I am not able to concentrate on my work
In my office

Making up my mind of
Meeting him and interacting with him
On my way back
I quickly leave my office

Sadly he is not there
I see him everywhere
Yet can't find him
Searching him for five minutes

I ask other people
Adjacent to his place
People or may be his friends
About him leaving his place quite early

Sadly I walk
To my bus stop
Waiting for my bus
I think of him

I see him everywhere
I see him following me
I see him standing next to me
In my daydreaming

Getting in my bus
I don't take win…

A Writer's World

Listening to her favorite heartbreaking songs
She woke up from her sleep
Thinking that something good will happen
She got up from her bed

Surprisingly she forgot
Her birthday
Her day
Her happiest day of the year

The day which she waited for the whole year
She checked her phone
No birthday wishes
No missed calls

Calmly she checked her other social networks
No posts
No messages

She thought to her
What has happened to her
Is she alright
Is everything fine with her

Pondering upon
She remembered
Her deadly past
Her evil past

She didn't wanted to spoil her mood
She wanted her day to be a great one
She kept herself strongly
She didn't did that

Cursing herself
She refreshed her mood
She made herself comfortable
She made herself better

Punishing herself
She recollected all the past events
She remembered all the events
In a flashback

She remembered how she was disowned by her haters
She remembered how she was ignored by  world
She remembered how she was neglected by the world

Looking At

Looking at the stars
I hope for a bright future
Looking at the sky
I don't feel lonely
Looking at the sun
I become strong

Looking at the streams
I keep moving
Looking at the river
I keep flowing with it
Looking at the oceans
I dream big

Looking at the trees
I relive my beautiful days
Looking at the fruits
I patiently wait for things to happen
Looking at the flowers bloom
I come out of my depression

Looking at the weather outside
I wait for the things to change
Looking at the dusty clouds
I wait for the wonders to happen
Looking at the rain pouring
I wait for the time to come

Looking at the fallen twigs
I prepare myself for the worst
Looking at the lighting striking the sky
I believe in Almighty
Looking at the thunderstorms
I get ready to face everything

Looking at all this
I feel blessed
Looking at this
I feel alive
Looking at her peacefully
I sleep comfortably.

The Last Note

The Last Note
Found by Ms. Mary
Was very long

Long very long
So long
It was looking like an encyclopedia

Ms. Mary tried to read it
But there​ was no word written
But it was very long

I found it cried Ms. Mary
The people from distant land
Came in huge groups

Just to have a look at it
People saw it
With eyes wide open

But they also couldn't
Read it
Depressed they went back to their homes

People of Asterland
They were ruled by
Magicians having magical powers

All tried to read it
Yet none could read it
Yet everyone wanted to read it

The people thought
It was it
Who could bring bad luck to them

People unanimously agreed
To keep it out of the town
To get rid of it

Ms. Mary tried to stop them
From doing so
The people didn't heard her

Ms. Mary was determined to
Know about it
Ms. Mary wanted to know the mystery

In night when
Asterland was sleeping
Ms. Mary thought to know about it

Ms. Mary went to the place
Where it was kept safely
Ms. Mary took it out

Again tried to read it
When movi…

Love Like This

Everything becomes hazy
When I see you
Everything becomes blurred
When I see you
Everything becomes still
When I see you
Everything becomes sluggish so dull
When I see you

Everytime when I see things around me
I miss you
Everytime when I hear things around me
I miss you
Everytime when I look at them
I miss you
Everytime when I scroll on social media
I miss you
Everytime when I go through my phone
I miss you

Every message of you
Makes me feel incomplete
Every mail from you
Makes me to think of you
Every call of call history
Makes me feel to run to you
Every pic sent of you
Makes me feel to be with you

Yes I do miss you
Your sweet voice
Your perfume
Your innocence
Your caring

Yet I can't be with you
Yet you can't be mine
Yet I dream of you
Yet I want to be with you

I wish I had told you
I wish I had shared my true feelings with you
I wish I was strong enough to tell you all this
I wish I was not that dumb to tell you about it.

But now it's too late
You have already chosen y…


I I am humility I once was crowned as  The Mother Of All Virtues In olden days  I was gold for people  People only wanted me  Those were the glorious days when I was respected but now in these modern days I m just a fish out of water just a pond without water just a book without knowledge just a park without swings just a garden without flowers blooming all day just a bird without wings  I wish  may my time come and I can be like how was I in those golden days the golden era of mine life people hate me now  I cannot exist in this modern world but to my rescue  I have people who love me who follow me in their day to day lives these people tell me that in this modern world  still I have a place for myself though small but I am happy with these people its better to have someone  I wish these kind people could convince others  also that I am in need  I need more people to be with me  I wish that my wish gets fulfilled before its too late this is just what I want from world  To have me placed in their lives.
For I will be alw…

Seeing You

Today standing in my balcony
I saw you
You were the same
Same as I had seen you before
Same as I had seen you long ago
Your black eyes revealing so much
Your  black eyes hiding so much
Your swollen red eyes behind that shades
Your finely made hairs
Your face so white
Your clothes so dark in colour
Telling the untold you
Your fake smile
Trying to hide your shattered life
You have been such a wonderful person
What happened was not your mistake
What you did was nothing
What you heard was just a rumour
What you saw was just a part of story
What you wanted to say
You said
What you felt
You told
What you thought
You did
What you were dreaming for
You dreamt
Where you wanted to go
You went
When you wanted to go
You went
When everything was going easy
You made it good
When everything was going difficult
You made it better
I wonder
What happened
Why it happened
I wonder
Was I being selfish
Was I being rude
I wonder
Why I created misunderstandings
Why I didn't valued you
Your love which wa…

An Unexpected Farewell

It is evening time
She is sitting near her window
She  tries to study for her last exam which is in eighteen hours
But she can't

She tries to look through the window
She tries to look at beautiful mother nature
But she is not able to
The lovely weather outside also does not amuses her

She tries to read
Yesterday's newspaper
The Hindustan Times kept near her
But she can't

She happily goes to her bookshelf nicely placed
She takes one of  her favorite book by her favorite author
She tries to read it
But  she can't

She tries to write something great and new
She tries to write on the weather outside
She tries to write a poem
But she can't

Leaving everything as it is
She tries to sleep peacefully
She tries to sleep without any mental disturbances
But she can't

Reluctantly she gets up from her bed
She looks around her room
She sees nothing except darkness
She searches happiness and inner peace
But she can't

She ponders what's wrong with her
What she is doing

A Star

Standing near by my window
I see you everyday
I see you every night
I wave to you
But you don't wave me back
I see you there at your home
I want to visit your home someday
I want to see how your home looks like
I want to see the view of my home from your home
I imagine your home minutely
I had thought your home to be hot
Hot like Mars
I see your home to be cold
Your home has no people like us
Your home has good hopes
Your home has a crystal clear view
Your home has no doors
Your home has no windows
None has tried to write on your home
I see your home full of goodness
Your home becomes hot
When devil creeps in
Your home is always twinkling
From others view
Just as the grass is greener on the other side
Though inside it is hazy
Darkness keeps her watch
With devil
What we see as twinkling of you
It is devils eye
Mocking and fooling us
I had instinct of you becoming a victim of
Unspoken desires
Hopes shattered
Your inner being undiscovered
Your inner self  screaming
Yet you twinkle
Twinkle every night
You shine and let ot…

Divine Love

What was wrong with us
I want to ask you
What was missing in us
I want to ask you

What was there
Was it ego
Was it our set priorities or
Was it something else

We started our life with a ray of sunshine
With each passing day it became intense
With each passing minute
We became strong like clusters of stars

Everything was going perfect
From where did the furious storm came
Without any care
Without any statutory warning

Our love was so eternal
Our love was so pure
Our love was so fresh like lillies
Our love was so reserved

We had sought  out the differences between us
Difference of caste and creed
Difference of religion and culture
Difference of upper and lower classes
Difference of strong and weak

We were so engrossed in ourselves
We forgot the heaviness which was around us
We forgot the ongoing chaos
We forgot the battle between heart and mind

We were drawn to each other
As it was planned by destiny itself
We were awestruck
When we first met
As it was planned by destiny.

We did'nt…

You Were There

When I was happy
You were with me
When I was sad
You were with me still

When I was enjoying success
You were with me
When I was lamenting failure
You were with me still

When I was doing good
You were with me
When I was not doing well
You were with me still

When I was having a good time
You were with me
When I was going through my worst
You were there still

When nobody was there
You were there
When nobody was there to listen me
You were there still

When everything was going well
You were there
When everything was like hell
You were there still

When I wanted someone by my side
You were there
When I wanted someone out there for me
You were there still

When I wanted to be understood
You were there
When I wanted to be pampered
You were there still

You have been with me in everything
Through all my thick and thin
Through all my highs and lows
Through all my best and worst

You have always been a constant to me
You have always been a companion to me
You have always been a supporter for me

The Witty White.

The night is falling in
Stars shinning so bright Moonlight reaching out to me Wind blowing like a sweet melody
I see you Through my window I see you covered in white  All white
I see your carriage White in colour Decorated with white flowers and
With white ribbons.

I know you are waiting for me So am I I also long for you I also wait for you passionately
I see no reason to be there I have lost everything The things which were treasure for me The time which I had
I have lost everyone My family  My friends Whom I thought  As my best friends As my true friends
I have lost all the hopes I have lost all the passion I have lost all the happiness I have lost all the push
I have become heartless I have become emotionless I have become painless I have become soulless
When I had feelings They told me to grow up When I was happy always They told me to grow up
When I had heart  They told me to be serious When I had emotional life They told me to be serious
When I found hopes to live They told me…