Friday, 3 March 2017

The Unique Place

In a far distant land
I see you everyday
I don't know who are you
I don't know where do you live
I don't know nothing about you

Yet everytime when I see you
I smile
I feel good

I see you there elated
I see your happiness in your eyes
I see you in a happy mood always

I see your country men having smiles on their faces
I see your people helping each other
I see your people having nothing
Yet everything with them

I see you there
free from worldly tensions
free from everything
free from fear

I see you spending your best days
having everything
having peace of mind

I want to meet you someday
I want to see your beautiful place
I want to explore your heaven on earth
I want to spend a whole day at your place.

An Unforgettable Night

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