Friday, 24 March 2017

The Moonwalk

Everyday at night
I walk in the lonely silent night
In search of you 
I don't see you
I don't hear you 
I just feel you by my side
I visit the nook and corners 
Where we chit chatted
Where we have shared our joys
Where we have shared our sorrows
Where we have made memories to cherish
Where we have made a new world
It is the place 
Where we used to sit daily
Rejoicing our childhood days
Planning our future 
Without any clue
But with glee
It was the place 
It was the time 
When moon used to give us his light
When stars used to shine 
When bats used to fly 
When we used to be happy
Now everything is at its place
Except you
The nights are just nights
The moon is just moon
The stars are just stars
The world is just a world.

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