Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Mirror

In a dark and a silent night
I hear your footsteps 
Footsteps so clearly 
Seeing you barely 
I can't see you 
But I can very much hear you
I can hear you 
Your footsteps 
I can smell you 
Which is so fresh 
Which is so flowery
But I can't see you
I can make out 
That it's you
But I can't see you
I want to see you 
But I can't 
I know it's you
With ease 
You can see me 
Crystal clear
As Ice 
But I can't 
You can watch me 
But I can't 
I try to see you
These man made walls 
These man made doors 
These man made windows of closed world
Don't allow me to 
Yet I try to see you
To see your innocence 
To see your patience 
To see your purity 
To see your mind
Through a huge mirror 
From ceiling to earth
I see you 
I see your face which is as it was 
I see your eyes so tiny 
I see your hairs trimmed 
I see your smile 
I hear your unsaid words 
I hear your unexplained things
I hear your lovely words
I hear your voice.
I see you 
I hear you.

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