Sunday, 5 March 2017

In Search Of A True Friend

Though I have many many friends
On facebook my friend list exceeds 100
On Whatsapp I am always chatting
I have so many friends
in a virtual world

It makes me feel sad
when I come out of virtual world
and try to find my true friend
in the world
in the real world
but i dont find anyone

Though I am always surrounded with people
I have my dear and near ones with me
I have my loved ones with me.
who stand by me
whether triumph or disaster

When it comes to my true friend
my brain stops responding
my heart stops beating
i don't see anyone
I dont get answer to my question
Where Is My Friend
Again my search for a true friend
Remains incomplete

I search for my true friend
day and night
night and day
but dont get any one

I don't get anyone in this rude and cruel world
who can understand me
who can listen to me
who can advise me
who can motivate me
who can encourage me
who can  listen up my untold secrets
who can travel the world with me
who can read me like an open book
who is thr for me always
who does not judge me
who can fight the world for me
who enjoys the time spent

O my true friend
Please come in my life
I am searching you everywhere
I have been searching for you since many many years
I have searched you in every direction
in every way

I don't know where you are
Right now
But please come quickly

Without you my life is dark and gloomy
Without you my life means nothing to me
Without you my life has no way in it
Without you my life is like a bird with no wings
Without you my life is like a tree with no fruits
Without you my life is like a garden with no flowers
Without you my life is like a rainbow with no colours
Without you my life is like a pond with no water in it

O my true friend please come
I dont know where you are
Will be able to meet
Will i be able to share things
which I cant share
with anybody
Niether family Nor my friends

O my true friend
I cant wait for you now
i have waited for you since long
I have been waiting for you to turn up

I have my loved ones
with me
But at times
I feel like running to you
May be I am having so much to share with you
my hopes
my aspirations
my dreams
my goals
which I cant
with my family and friends

I just want you to come
Else take me with you
May be being with you
My search for a true friend will end
May be in my  days
you will be there for me
May be.................

May be we will meet soon
May be in coming days
My search for a true friend will end
With you in front of me
May be...............
we will
we should
May be............... 

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