Sunday, 19 March 2017

An Ode To Sun

O sun dont be sad
I know you get sad
when people hate you in summers
but love you in winters

O sun dont feel bad
I know people workship you in the morning
but the same people hate you
in summer afternoons

O sun dont be so harsh
I know you get harsh
when people neglect your
Mother Nature

O sun dont be so bright like fire
I know you get sad
when people harm your
Mother Nature

O sun dont be so red
I know you get red
when you get anger
because of people's careless attitude.

O sun don't get disheartened
These people are like this only
They are selfish
They will praise you
They will curse you
As per their need and situation

They workship you on Sundays
The same people will curse you the very next day
They will offer you the holy water in morning
Will curse you in very afternoon

They will be happy to see you in winters
But will be complaining about you in
Summer afternoon

They have made imaginary lines.

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