Tuesday, 14 March 2017

A Winter Evening

It is a bleak December night
My window is covered with snow
The cold winds are blowing
The city is covered with snow
So is the sky

Nothing can be seen
Only darkness and darkness
The moon is playing hide and seek
so are the grey clouds

I am in my cottage
which is small
Yet so warm
I am sitting near fire place
sipping coffee
Trying to read a book

Nothing can be seen
only darkness
Nothing can be heard
only silence
Nothing can be felt
only cold winds

I am shaken up by the
growling weather outside
I try to see what is happenning outside

I see
only the furious weather
I see
only the anger of the weather

I hear
only the dark grey clouds
colliding with each other
I hear
only the cold winds
bowing in full speed

I question
Is it Gods Anger
Is it the cry of
mother nature

With these thoughts
running in my mind
I try to sleep
but I cant

I deprived of sleep
wait for the weather
to be peaceful
to be at ease

Nothing happens
No voices
No whispers heard
No one is seen
Except the dark silent night

Waiting for weather to be calm
I lay down in my small bed
in my small cottage

I see a light shining
not from my fire place but
A light shinning from above
calling me

The weather is trying
to whisper something
to tell something
to say something

The sky is revolting
Revolting against all odds and obstacles

Was the light
calling me
I wonder or
Was it the Lord's
I wonder

I still wonder
I still wonder

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