Thursday, 23 February 2017

Time Spent

On a lazy Sunday morning
Sitting comfortably with ease
Sipping coffee in my favorite coffee mug

I remember the times spent with you
Where happiness prevailed.

The memories cherished with you
The happiness enjoyed with you
The life lived with you
is fresh in my heart 

I do remember the things 
you have done for me
I do remember the conversations
which we had 

I remember all this 
with glee and elatement 

I don't know 
where you are now
but the memories made with you
will be always in my heart
having a special place

Years later 
when we both will be far away 
waiting for our last days
we will be chuckling 
remembering this time 
with happiness
tears rolling down from cheeks 
eyes searching 
But it will be too late then

And with these beautiful memories
holding this time dearly in our hearts

We will be far 
but still will be close 
to each other 
forever and ever.


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