Saturday, 25 February 2017


When you smile
She smiles
When you laugh
She laughs

When you feel low
She feels
When you feel sad
She feels

When you are in pain
She is in pain
When you are in trouble
She is in trouble

When you get hurt
She gets hurt
When you get harmed
She gets harmed

When you cry
She cries
When you fall
She falls

When you are depressed
She is also depressed
When you are dejected
She is also dejected

When you achieve
She too achieves
When you are successful
She is also successful

When you shine
She shines
When you are brighten up
She is also brightened

When you  neglect her
She doesn't
She loves you

When you leave her
She doesn't leaves you
She prays for you

When you think her as a burden
She doesn't thinks so
She cares for you

When you take her out from her home
She doesn't
She makes you her life

When you are discouraged
She encourages you
When you are de motivated
She motivates you

When you lose the way
She guides you
When you forget
She remembers

When you fall
She lifts you up
When you break down
She makes you up

When you have hundred reasons
To cry
She gives you thousand reasons
To smile

When you give up
She fills you with enthusiasm
When you doubt yoirself
She makes you believe in yourself

When you break up everything
She fixes all the things
When you lose everything
She tries to get back

When you need her
She is there
When you want her to be with you
She is very much there.

She is your best friend
She is your best teacher
She is your best guider
She is your best listener

She is none other than
Your own MOTHER
Whose place no one can take
Whose love can't be put in words
Whose care no one can match
Whose support is enough
For you to conquer and win this world

She is someone who can take the place of everyone
Her place cannot be taken away by anyone
She doesn't need anything\
Just you and your time.

She is your Mummy
your Mom
your Maa
whose love and affection is priceless
irrespective of what you call HER by

In this ocean of life
She will
Never ever leave you
Aloof  and Alone.

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