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A View From Window

Everyday when I sit near my window
Seated comfortably on my couch
I see dusk peeping through my window
I see dusk falling in
Leaves going to sleep
with stomatas closed
City glittering with lights
Like a rainbow in sky
Workers coming back from their tough days work
with a smile on their face
trying to hide their tiredness
Children returning from their happy time
playing in the park
unaware of any tensions and worries
far from the hectic world in which they have to live in
when they grow up
the fun times which will just become a memory for them
times which they will remember and chuckle over it
once they will grow up
the times they will miss
that I bet
People having an evening walk
Atmosphere laddened with smells of cooked food
delicious food made by
road side
meals cooked by five star hotels
but not with love and care
which is in mother's and grandmother's hand
with love and care as the main ingredient
Food cooked by grandmothers and mothers
for their stars
for their little prince
for their little angels
for their little princess
I see a beggar who
has a small face
with big gleaming eyes
dark skinny
clothes torn
Eyes full of hope
Chanting some prayers
which were inaudible to me
but I guess he was Thanking the almighty above
in direction of sky
for a piece of half bread
which he had in his hand
like it was a diamond
tied perfectly with a piece of cloth
He must be thanking God
that I bet
I also see a young couple
totally lost in its own world
have no need for this cruel world
which has divided humans on the basis of caste creed color nationality
they only know one language
which is LOVE
to love each other
and only TRUE LOVE
walking hand in hand
having no problem of society
watching them
as they only know about love and care for each other
that is TRUE LOVE
I also see
Birds carrying food in beaks
for their children
who are hungry
waiting anxiously for their mother
to come back with food
I also see
an old man
in his mid seventies
walking with a stick in his hand
having contentment in his eyes
which is proving the love and care given by his family at home
or perhaps he has so much pain in his heart which he overcomes by having a smile on his face
or perhaps he is happy to live for so many years
seeing his grand children
years full of happiness and joy
or perhaps his family is everything for him in his life
which he loved so much
that he cannot live without them
He was a man with pride in his eyes
and with a smile on his beautiful white glowing face
He was old
but not his dreams
He was sitting under a tree
on a bench
counting ......
his happy moments
in a flashback
which I surely bet
I also see young boys and girls
in teenage
distracted from their beautiful surroundings
distracted from lovely nature
attracted by technology
which could be seen in their hands
which they call a smartphone
with a pride
surfing internet
neglecting their beautiful surroundings
busy in facebook
busy in twitter
too busy in whatsapp
too much busy in facetime
busy in their virtual world
distracted by the real world
which I surely bet
I also see
insects coming out
from their homes
in search of air
in search of food
in search of water
in search of others
I also see
flowers crying
leaves consoling them
helped by wind
protected by trees
binded by roots
I also see
anger of mother nature
blowing winds with high intensity
trying to wake us up from our deep slumbers
which I surely bet
I also see
garden full of dried flowers and leaves
again a proof of human ignorance
land becoming barren
which I surely bet
I also see
a father walking with steady steps
returning from his office
from his busy day
which is seen in his eyes and on his face
but looked happy
talking on phone
with his loved ones
to his family
happy to see care and love of his family
which is greatest for him
which I surely bet.
I also see
a girl doing household chores and
a boy of the same age having an icecream
girl scolded
boy loved
but wait
her brother is helping her out
shares his icecream with her
defining the love and care of a brother with her sister
sister with a brother
I also see
I also see
woman with two kids
with same features
with same eyes
with same nose
with same face
with same ears
looked alike
Which I surely bet
I also see
buildings like skyscrappers
touching skies
trees trying to make way
have nothing
no leaves
no flowers
no nest
no fruits
no owls
no monkeys on rest
but only a stump
giving its dismay
Which I surely bet. 

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