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When you smile
She smiles
When you laugh
She laughs

When you feel low
She feels
When you feel sad
She feels

When you are in pain
She is in pain
When you are in trouble
She is in trouble

When you get hurt
She gets hurt
When you get harmed
She gets harmed

When you cry
She cries
When you fall
She falls

When you are depressed
She is also depressed
When you are dejected
She is also dejected

When you achieve
She too achieves
When you are successful
She is also successful

When you shine
She shines
When you are brighten up
She is also brightened

When you  neglect her
She doesn't
She loves you

When you leave her
She doesn't leaves you
She prays for you

When you think her as a burden
She doesn't thinks so
She cares for you

When you take her out from her home
She doesn't
She makes you her life

When you are discouraged
She encourages you
When you are de motivated
She motivates you

When you lose the way
She guides you
When you forget
She remembers


A View From Window

Everyday when I sit near my window
Seated comfortably on my couch
I see dusk peeping through my window
I see dusk falling in
Leaves going to sleep
with stomatas closed
City glittering with lights
Like a rainbow in sky
Workers coming back from their tough days work
with a smile on their face
trying to hide their tiredness
Children returning from their happy time
playing in the park
unaware of any tensions and worries
far from the hectic world in which they have to live in
when they grow up
the fun times which will just become a memory for them
times which they will remember and chuckle over it
once they will grow up
the times they will miss
that I bet
People having an evening walk
Atmosphere laddened with smells of cooked food
delicious food made by
road side
meals cooked by five star hotels
but not with love and care
which is in mother's and grandmother's hand
with love and care as the main ingredient
Food cooked by grandmothers and mothers
for their stars
for their little pr…

Time Spent

On a lazy Sunday morning
Sitting comfortably with ease Sipping coffee in my favorite coffee mug
I remember the times spent with you Where happiness prevailed.
The memories cherished with you The happiness enjoyed with you The life lived with you is fresh in my heart 
I do remember the things  you have done for me I do remember the conversations which we had 
I remember all this  with glee and elatement 

I don't know  where you are now but the memories made with you will be always in my heart having a special place
Years later  when we both will be far away  waiting for our last days we will be chuckling  remembering this time  with happiness tears rolling down from cheeks  eyes searching  But it will be too late then
And with these beautiful memories holding this time dearly in our hearts
We will be far  but still will be close  to each other  forever and ever.