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Ultimate Truth

Yesterday coming back from the beach
With wet sand all over my feet
I stopped for a while near the shrine

I saw you smiling
From a distance
I wanted to follow you but didn't

After resting for a while
Again I started my journey
To some unknown place

Aimlessly I stood there
With a broken heart
Beating too fast

Mumbling some words
In my mind
Again I walked

Completing half of my journey
I saw you again
With tears in your eyes

Moving my pace
I started again
With eyes searching life

Lost in world
I kept moving and moving
Where? I don't know

I saw you again
Covered in snow
Again smiling

I wanted to follow you
Was opposed
By them

Again I started my journey
Facing everything bravely
With boldness and confidence

Happy was I
Seeing impossible things
Leading a way

Broken was I
From inside
Happy was I
From outside

I walked again
With pinky eyes

Expecting hoping
To see you again
I waited there

Waiting patiently for you
Excited to meet you
I stood there

Seeing no sign of you

An Unforgettable Night

Sitting near her window
Waiting for the stars to shine  She was there looking at the night sky
Writing her heart out on a piece of paper Expressing herself through words She was there with a pen in her hand
Having none for her  Having no best friends  She was there with tears rolling down her cheeks

Whom she thought were her best friends
They were not
They were just her close friends but not best friends

She spent more than 21 years
In search of her best friend
She forgot that best friends are earned not made

She was there sitting looking at the moon
Finding an escape to her pessimistic thoughts
She hated herself for not being a best friend to anyone

Her parents thought she talks her heart out
To her sister and brothers
To her friend

They were mistaken
As in reality
She never shared her mind her thoughts with anyone

She knew they won't understand her
Never they would
She sat there in pond of tears
Dealing with her problems Dealing with her depression She was there alone in life

Life In A Coaching Class

Seems like yesterday
When for the first time
I was going to step into a new world
A world where I hardly knew anyone

I was so terrified
I remember my inner self telling me
It's okay
Everything will be good

I taking my bag from my closet
The best bag I had with me
My sister telling me
Don't worry

I taking so many pens and pencils
In my favourite pencil box
Taking out the biggest register
Ever bought by me

Having two mugs of coffee
In a really special mug
Taking blessings
And a tiny thread in memory of him

I being in my best
Dressed decently
Yet shivering with fear
Trying to be calm

I walked out of my room
Taking blessings from my maternal grandmother
Folding hands infront of his photo

Telling my mother about
Telling my sister about
My nervousness
Before leaving my home

My introvert nature was trying it's best
To be better
My mind was repeating all the positive quotes read till then

I didn't knew
What will happen
How will be my first day
At my coaching centre

I being an…

Right or Wrong?

It is my mistake that I thought you as my best friend

It is my mistake that I want to be your best friend

It is my mistake that I give so much importance to you

It is my mistake that I keep on ignoring my intuition

It is my mistake that I don't listen to my conscience

It is my mistake that I thought that I too can have a best friend

It is my mistake that I thought everyone is my best friend

It is my mistake that I try to be your best friend

It is my mistake that I am busy thinking about you

It is my mistake that seeing you I feel happy

It is my mistake that meeting you makes me elated

It is my mistake that I have feelings  for you

It is my mistake that I put efforts to be in your life

It is my mistake that I cry missing you

It is my mistake that I over analyse everything

It is my mistake that reading your texts emails makes me to never let you go

It is my mistake that you have only me as your best friend

It is my mistake that I forgot you have many friends better than me

It is my…

The Last Goodbye

Having lost everything Everyone  Her family Her friends
Everything  Her hopes Her dreams Her talent
She sat in a park Alone  Wanted to go home but she can't Wanted to go to her best and true friends house but can't
Looking here and there Looking left and right Looking for her life She cried and cried
Depressed she was forever Sad she was always Sluggish she was always Heartless she was never
Thinking of none She went away from everyone She ran away from everything Her house Her home Her life
Things were getting worse for her Love was no where to be found Care was no where to be found Peace was no where to be found
She left everything which was her life one time Reading  Writing Expressing herself through her words
Researching  Analysing Introspecting Herself her life she drowned in pond of depression
Cutting away herself from every way By which people could contact her For showing their fake love and care Trying to be her friend
Going away from her life Her haunting life She …

Untitled Love

Four years ago
I met you in a distant land
Happiest was I meeting you
Elated was I seeing you
You looked handsome
With red shirt describing your feelings
That day you didn't say anything
Those three magical words were
Said by your lucky red shirt
Yes it was your lucky shirt
But now it's mine too
I was better but not perfect
Yet I saw your black eyes following me
Like moon following our car
Conversations were sweet
I saw you in your best
You saw me in my worst
Though I didn't hear I Love You
But I heard the voice of your heart
Screaming so loudly
That was perhaps the best day of my life
May be of our life
Our not so romantic life but
Our innocent life


Friendship is being there for each other
Friendship is helping each other
Friendship is caring for each other
Friendship is walking with each other
Friendship is protecting each other
Friendship is loving each other
Friendship is respecting each other
Friendship is living in each other's heart
Friendship is staying by each other's side
Friendship is guiding each other
Friendship is ignoring all the flaws of each other
Friendship is bringing happiness in each other's life
Friendship is taking all the darkness away from each other"s life
Friendship is magic
Friendship is much more than posting pictures on social media
Friendship is accepting each other
Friendship is spreading joy and happiness in each other's life
Friendship is loving each other at everytime
Friendship is nothing if it's with benefits
Friendship is innocent
Friendship is much more than Friendship bands
Friendship is enjoying  each other's company
Friendship is guiding each other what is rig…

To My Dearest Friend

It feels so great to know about your homecoming
These gone by days were like two centuries
Each day I missed you
I don't know why
Mind said o please stop it
Go and study hard be practical
Heart said be good to others say what you want to say as long it doesn't hurt sentiments
You know while writing this I was imagining the consequences of writing this
Two things can happen
This will either give momentum to our friendship or will break it permanently
I can't keep this to myself anymore
I can't handle anymore the battle between heart and mind
So here it goes
I had smiled reading our conversation on FB WhatsApp and emails exchanged
I had cried too because I was missing you so much
I wanted to ask you many things but
Never wanted to disturb you
Knowing the fact you were extremely busy
Everytime when I get a message from you
I feel happy
I can't write  much as I have left reading and writing
but before I give adieu to writing
let me first write something for you

An Adieu To You

Thank you for being with me
In every situation
In every ups and downs

Thank you for being my constant support
When nobody was there
When I had none

Thank you for being with me for so many years
For giving me a reason to live
For getting me back from every situation

Thank you for your efforts to
Make me smile
Everytime when I felt low

Thank you for making my life worth living
For being the best friends
For being unique

Thank you for giving me you
To tell you things which I can't tell anyone in this world
To be a good listener to me

Thank you for being with me all these years
Before I leave you
I thank you

I am not capable of you
But there are other people
Around you who are much better than me

Whatever may happen
You will always have a special place in my heart
My friend

I have stopped being familiar with your counterpart too
But I still now love your best friend
You both will always be with me

I am putting down my thoughts
My pen
Closing up with a smile and happy face

I will alwa…


O you where have you gone
Leaving me behind
With my depression

O you please come back to me
I assure you I won't disturb you
I won't

O you why have you left me
I have none
Except you

O you who knows very well that
I don't have anyone to share my feelings with
No family No friends

O you who is aware of the fact that
I have lost my best friend on 21st
I have lost everybody

Whom I thought was my best friend
Is not my best friend

I have lost everything
I have failed in life
At everything


O you please stay a little longer with me
I have failed
As a writer
As a daughter
As a sister
As a friend

Neither I have anyone
Nor I want to have

I want to live my life alone
Without any people
Without any problems

I don't have much with me
Just some books who are with me when
Nobody is there

O you don't be so rude
I know I can't be like others
I am unique

I can't live without you
I want you back in my life
I want that peace ag…

Thank You

I am thankful to you for neglecting me
I am thankful to you for ignoring me
I am thankful to you for rejecting me
I am thankful to you for disowning me
I am thankful to you for leaving me
I am thankful to you for letting me go
I am thankful to you for giving me scars
I am thankful to you for making me your last priority
I am thankful to you for never replying to me
I am thankful to you for never calling me
I am thankful to you for never giving me freedom
I am thankful to you for never letting me do what I wanted
I am thankful to you for never asking me anything
I am thankful to you for never loving me
I am thankful to you for never bringing my favourite book
I am thankful to you for never supporting me
I am thankful to you for never encouraging me
I am thankful to you for never motivating me
I am thankful to you for never allowing me to have friends
I am thankful to you for never letting be myself
I am thankful to you for making me what I am today
I am thankful to you for making me d…

Friends Forever

You are my friend
Success said to Failure
So you are
Failure replied

Success promised failure
To be with him always
At every point of life
To never leave failure

Failure was rejoiced to
know about it
Failure too promised success
To be with him
To never leave him

One night
Success and Failure were
chatting on a beach

Failure asked success
Will you be with me always
Will you never leave me

Success calmly replied
Yes I will be there
With you
For you

Failure got happy to know this
Failure thought yes now I too have a best friend
My true friend
Whom I was searching for years

Failure forgot that
Success already had best friend with initials H

Failure wanted to be friends with her

Again the next day
They were chatting
On a hill

Failure again asked him the same question
Success again replied him patiently

Success said to Failure
He can always share things with him
Anything anywhere

Failure was on cloud nine
Getting to know about this
Failure was very happy
Failure was elated a…

Biding Farewell

Sitting silently in my room
With music playing in my phone
Ears covered with  headphones
Waiting for sleep to come
I sat there

Listening to my favorite songs
On repeat mode
Humming them
I sat there

Remembering some happy days of my life
Moments spent with my loved ones
Memories made to cherish always
I sat there

Writing my bucket list
Adding more and more to it
Without giving a damn to anything
I sat there

Keeping my phone aside
Removing my headphones
Trying to sleep
I lay there

Rain pouring down
Rain of tears
Rolling down my cheeks
I lay there

Seeing the photos
Looking at them
With mixed feelings
I lay there

Reading the old texts
Reading the old mails
Exchanged with my people
I lay there

Watching them scoring new heights
Hoping for a better tomorrow
Seeing them smile
I lay there

Hoping for a better world for me
Drenched in sweat of sadness
Waiting for the sunshine
I lay there

Hearing the music of the weather
Pit-patter drops of rain
Falling on my room's roof
I lay there

Quietly …

Dying Me

Weeping always
Crying for hours
Having sleepless nights
Has become my daily routine

My family wants to know about me
My friends wants to know about me
But why I don't know

Why should I tell them
Why they want to know
Why they can't leave me alone
Why they can't

Life has come to a standstill
I don't know
What is going​ wrong

With each passing day
I am failing in life
Except failing nothing is seen

I don't know
What is happening to me
Why it is happening
I have no answer

I have failed in Friendships
I have failed in my short term ,long term goals
I have failed in relationships

I am not able to do things
Which made me happy once
I am not able to do anything

Reading books which I loved are
Waiting for me to read them

Writing which was so dear to me
Which was my life
Waits for me everyday​

I am not able to read much
I am not able to write anything good
Better than my previous writings

I don't know
Why I am not happy
After being a Graduate

I don't want people to…

Old Man

Yesterday I saw him
In bus
Sitting in front of me
With a cheerful smile on his face

Never  had I thought
I will be seeing him again
Around so many people
He was still the same
As he was years ago

I did wanted to have a talk with him
To relive moments shared with him
In the same city

City which never sleeps
City of dreams
City where weather can't be predicted
City where nothing​ is impossible
Mumbai city

I heard his voice after years
Soothing my ears
After so many years
Every word reaching to my heart

I wanted to ask​
Facing him was difficult
Asking about him was more difficult

I remained seated on my seat
Tried not to see him
Covering myself up with a stroll
To be overlooked by him

He got down from the bus
At the next stop
Still smiling

Puzzled I was
Seeing him
Sitting in the bus

I was looking here and there
I was confused
At the same time was curious

I was wondering
What was he doing
Why he was there

I wanted to know the reason
I wanted to ask him why he was doing so

I asked abo…


Nothing is going right
Nothing is going as expected
Nothing is getting better

I am here
Writing this
At the time when I should be sleeping

I am here
Sitting in my messed up roo
With my messed up hair

I see my life
All messed up like my room

I see the end is near
Waiting for me
To come unanounced

Having so many people
Having so many social networks
Facebook friends more than fifty
WhatsApp contacts more than hundred
Having so many friends

Yet no one to share
Anything or

 I am here
Again thinking
Analysing my life

I am here
Thinking negatively again
May be overthinking

I divert myself from thinking
Yet I think things which I shouldn't​
I remember the lost me

I  long to have a friend
With whom I can talk to
With whom I can share my feelings

I  know I can easily share my thoughts
I  can easily tell them about my feelings
I  can go and tell this to my parents
My brothers
My sister
My good family

But I don't want to tell them
They will get worried
Much worried

I don'…

Who Am I

Everyone is sleeping
In their rooms

She is here waiting for sleep to come
She tries to sleep
She can't

Silently she moves out of her room
Silently she opens herself
In her balcony under the night sky

Looking at the sky
She wonders
What is there

With her thoughts running in her mind
She listens to the voices
Screaming within her

She sat there
Waiting for dawn
Sunlight to reach her soul

Instead of enjoying
The silence of the night sky
She overthinks

She is happy outwardly for the outer world
For people whom she comes across as
She cant tell them about her
Going through her bad days as told to her by someone special

Inwardly she is not at all happy
She is struggling

Struggling with insecurities
Struggling with anxieties
Struggling with depression
Struggling with fear

She remembers the beautiful moments
Memories being displayed in her mind
In a flashback

Years ago
She was happy
She was not the same person as she is today

She was a person with dreams
Aiming high

An Adieu To You

Today she has gone
She said looking at me
Tears falling down
Eyes welled up
Grief seen in her eyes

Without saying a goodbye
Without meeting me
Without having a last talk
Without saying anything

She has  gone so far
She has gone very far
She has gone away from me
She has gone forever and ever

It was the hot summery afternoon
Everyone was talking about her
Everyone wanted to meet her
The new student
Everyone wished to have a talk with her

I too wanted to meet her
I wanted to have a talk with her
I wanted to hear about her
I wanted to hear from her
Yet wasn't able to do so
Because of my introvert nature

I saw her
From a distance
She was getting​ social with everyone
I was busy watching her

I saw her
Her glowing face
Her neatly combed black hairs
Her eyes so black
Her innocent smile

I saw her
Waiting for her
To hear a word from her
To hear her melodious voice
To start a conversation with her

That was for the first time
I talked to her
I do remember each and every word
I remember ever…

A Peaceful Sleep

Nothing is left in me
Nothing is there in me
I am just a piece of flesh
I dont know
What is happening with me
Why I am losing everything
Things are leaving on a bad note
I am there figuring out what is wrong
I have lost so much
I have nothing left in me
Broken Friendships
Broken heart
Broken relationships
I dont know
Will anybody accept me
Will my family accept me
Will my friends accept me
Will my world accept me
I am harming myself everyday
I want to stop all this
I try to end all this
I try to run from all this
I know
I was at the fault
It was my mistakes
It was my blunders
It was my immaturity
It was my sin

I have done nothing for my family
I have achieved nothing in life
I have not made my brothers dream come true
I have not made my sister proud of me
I have never been good at anything
I have never did something for them
I have never made my friends happy
I have done nothing for anyone

Thinking all this
I am going no where
I try to write about it
I try to read about it
I a…

A Letter To You With Love

In few days  you will be going very far to start a new life for which I am happy for you. You will be meeting new people from new places with new backgrounds.You will be starting your new life with new hopes new challenges new aspiration new ambitions new things new dawn .Here I will be waiting for your message for your one call to hear from you.I will be reading your messages again and again.I will be longing to wait for you.Looking forward to meet you.I won't annoy you. I won't disturb you.You won't get disturbed by my useless messages.You won't get a call from me at anytime whether day or night.Here I will be struggling to get out of my depression.I will be struggling how to deal with life.You won't be here to listen to me to listen to my problems to give me one of the best advice.You won't be here to guide me to motivate me to tell me to chide me at times to tell me how to be serious to tell me what's best for me to be independent to do things which wi…

Let me

Let me enjoy
The beauty of the silent night
Before morning comes

Let me hear
The roar of the sky
Before weather gets fine

Let me feel
The chilly wind over my face
Before wind stops blowing

Let me listen
The voice of my heart
Before others tell me

Let me see
The snowy​ mountains
Before the rays of the sun reach

Let me watch
The best things of the world
Before they get extinct

Let me visit
The most interesting places of the world
Before life gets tough

Let me experience
The view of the sea
Before tide comes in between

Let me travel
The whole world
Before I get old and weak

Let me know
The truth of the life
Before the carriage arrives

Let me think
The best moments spent with you
Before they are gone

Let me remember
The amazing memories made with you
Before connection is lost

Let me write
The importance of you in my life
Before time

Let me tell
The untold stories about me
Before I forget them

Let me share
The unshared secrets with you
Before they are just secrets

Let me change
The way of…

Meet Me

Meet me my friend
Meet me my good  friend
Once before you go

Meet me my friend
Meet me my good old friend
Once before you go far away

Meet me my friend
For I will miss you

Meet me my friend
For I will wait for you

Meet me my friend
For I will long to hear from you

Meet me my friend
For I can't wait for you

Meet me my friend
For I won't make you sad

Meet me my friend
For I won't let you break down

Meet me my friend
For I won't disturb you

Meet me my friend
For I won't let you down

Meet me my friend
For you won't be able to meet me again

Meet me my friend
For you won't be free to meet me

Meet me my friend
For you won't see me

Meet me my friend
For you won't be able to hear from me

Meet me my friend
For you will not be understood by

Meet me my friend
For you won't be able to believe

Meet me my friend
For you won't be busy f…

As You Like It

Everything has changed
So dramatically
So drastically

There is nothing left in me
I have lost all hopes
I have lost everything

The dreams which
I had
I have seen

The ambitions which
I had
The aspirations which
I had

I don't see any scope
To live
To live for a better living

I cry and cry
I don't know

I want to cry and cry
The whole day
The reason
I don't know

I don't know
Where I am going
Where I am heading in life

I want to flee
I don't know

I want to run
I don't know

The thought of failing in life
Kills me more

I try to concentrate
I can't
I try to go away far
I can't

I see my life
Breaking into pieces
Infront of me

The very thought of
Doing nothing great
In academics
In any other field
Makes me mad

I know
It was my choice
It was my idea

I have so many
Regrets and Failures
In life

I know
It was my mistake
It was my ignorance
It was my carelessness
It was my rule

I know
Now I can't change anything
I can't do anything abou…