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O you please don't stop me
I don't want this world anymore O you please leave me alone For I don't deserve this gift of life

O you please
Let me do the best thing
Let me die
Let me sleep for eternity

O you please
Permit me to know
Life after death
Experience it for the first time

O you please
Hate me more
Today tomorrow and the
Days to come

O you please
Send me the best moments we had
Just for once
For one last time

O you please
Listen to me
Just for once
For one last time

O you please
Try to understand me
Not for me
But for one last time

O you
Please take out time for me
To read my long immature messages
I wait for your tomorrow to come
I still wait
I long for you
With anticipation

Forgive me for everything done
I know I am nothing
I am nothing for anybody
I have failed academically
Messed up my semester exams
Can't face mom dad my sister and my brothers
I can't you too

I just want to tell you that
You were my friend
You are my friend and
You will always be
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Everything has changed so sudden
I don't know what to do
Where to go
Whom should I talk to
Life has become hell for me
I am deader than dead
All my hopes, dreams have vanished into thin air
I have lost the meaning of life
For me everyday is a struggle
Struggle against my inner self
Depression haunts me forever
Loneliness engulfes me always
I have so much negativity in me
I have forgotten the old me the happy me
I have murdered my innocence
I have become prone to failures
Academically I have messed up my semester exams
I have two backlogs in the course
In my dream course
I have repeated the old mistakes again
My life has lost all it's charm to live
Alone I came Alone I will go
I keep repeating these things to myself
I know I am all alone in this big world
Yes I have my loved ones near me yet
I am alone in this world
There are times when I don't want to live but the very thought of my mom stops me
I can't share my ideas feelings share my secrets with anyone
My good old …

Untitled Title

While sitting lost in my own world
Trying my level best to concentrate
On the ongoing lecture
I sat there
Depressed sad
For the unknown reasons

Introspecting myself evaluating myself
I look closely inside my heart
Eyes closed burnt dreams
All I could see was 'wide sea'
I sat there tears rolling down my cheeks
Making my eyes swollen
Leaving me in agony

Hurriedly I walked out of the
Ongoing lecture
For I could no longer
Tolerate my moist eyes
Waiting for their freedom

Moving away from the people
In search of a place
Passing through the long road
Pastured greeny fields
Flowers smiling at me
Seeing my gloomy face

I cry like a little baby
My eyes hurt
In pain
I know things will be good again
But when I ask You

Whenever someone asks me
Are you okay
Without wasting a second
I blur out only one word
Yes I am okay

For I don't want to become a burden
On them
I don't want to be called an attention seeker
No more! No more!

It was not their mistake
Flaws are in me
Evil I am

An Unwritten Page From Diary

Life has come to a standstillI don't know where I am going on in my life I have lost all my senses Am I in love? or Is It depression With these thoughts in mind I leave my bed which I don't want to leave But I have to I get up to get ready for my office  Without realizing the day being a Sunday I reach my office Thinking that I am on time atleast today I smile I see no one  Just two colleagues  They smile at me  They politely ask me  Am I fine Am I okay Without answering there questions I walk to my cubicle With thoughts running in my mind thoughts which are flowing like water I don't  feel like doing any work  I try not to think negative I try to do my work checking my email box  just to see If my most trustworthy friend has replied to my email or not Hearing footsteps of my colleagues I quickly open a new tab  When they go back to their cubicles I look around my office The desks of my colleagues I see them minutely for the first time Some have kept the photographs of their grandparents restoring the fa…

New Girl In Town

Ten years ago
In the scorching heat
Of July month
I met her for the first time

I saw her from a distance
My heart wanted to approach her
But Oh my introvert nature
Stopped me

She was there standing
In neat tidy uniform
Her eyes were beautiful
Her black eyes were shinning bright
Her face was glowing
Her hair were tied up
Her rainbow smile

She was having backpack on her shoulders
Her plait tied up with black rubber band
She entered the room with
Happiness flowing with every step

Surprisingly she came near to me
Looked and went away
Leaving behind
Her million dollar smile
Stamped in my heart forever

After day or two
I interacted with her
She left me speechless
Her way of talking filled me with joy

For years
I was alone without much friends
Suddenly I got a new friend
Unexpectedly we became friends

Embarking a new journey
Of life-long friendship
Of the purest form of love

We exchanged numbers
Within weeks
We were good friends

She made me understand the meaning of
Being friends…


On a lonely sunday morning
I wake up early to meet you
For the one last time
Before I am carried away

I check my little letter box
To see if there is any letter from you
Nay it's not
Wait for some time
I console my little heart

I force myself to
Have a perfect mug of coffee
In my favourite coffee mug
For one last time

Nothing makes me happy
Today books too fail to understand me
My pen too is shaking
Weather is also helpless

I am a lost soul
I curse myself for all the regrets
I look around for the things
To harm myself again

One year back
I wanted to run away
Sadly was stopped
Eleven years back
I wanted to kill myself
Unfortunately was saved

I wasn't close to anybody
All my life
I was alone
I never had anyone

Friends I never had
Family I wasn't close to
Happiness lied in me
Loneliness I loved

Introvert I was always
I never shared my problems my feelings with
I wasn't like others
Sharing their problems
I don't want to be a burden on you all
I hate sharing my …

An Ode To Truth

O you mighty spirit
Embrace me tightly
With all your great power
Accept me with all my flaws
Flaws which turned to sins
Take me with you
Where there is 'peace'
Allow me once to stay at your place
Believe me I won't change my place
I am in love with your place
I want to speak my heart to you
As I don't have none
I trust in you
I believe in you
You are the one
For whom
I wait for
I long for
Come soon
Bring all my sorrows to an end
Welcome me wholeheartedly
As I make arrangements silently
To reach your place
Here I come
To enjoy the ultimate truth of life
I look at you
I surrender myself to you
With happiness
Take my soul with you
Take my immature heart and mind with you
Take everything from me
I am happy to be in your home
Waiting for truth to take me
Away from this world
Away from my sinful world
I am waiting for you with a smile
To start a new journey to eternity.