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What is my fault my friend
What wrong I have done my friend
What blunders I have done my friend
What sin I have committed my friend
Why I always have to explain my friend
Why I always have to take the stand my friend
Where is our friendship heading my friend
Where I have made you upset my friend
Why I have to always tell you your importance in my life my friend
How should I make you understand that you are irreplaceable my friend
Why I can't ignore you my friend
Why every year something happens my friend
Why I did that my friend
Why can't I stop obsessing over you my friend
Why I fail at keeping our friendship long lasting
Why I cry so much reading our conversations
Why I miss you so much when you are not there
Why I get numb and blank when I meet you in person
Why I have butterflies inside me whenever I talk to you on phone
Why I always have weird feeling when you tell me that you will call me
Why can't I accept the fact that we can never be friends again as we were in y…
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The Final Solution

Sunlight all around
Yet she feels darkness all around her  People all around  Yet she feels alone  Standing on the terrace of the high rise building Getting ready for the final solution  Tapping on her phone rigorously  For one last time  Deleting all the messages exchanged with people
Especially with her old good friend (s) Throwing away her diary in the lake  Dressing in her best clothes  Meeting her books for the last time
Touching her writings for one last time Writing a note in a mysterious language
Mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle mystery She set out to perform the deed
The deed so great so changing for her
Dialing her happiness number for the last time
Writing letters and hiding them in the river
River of emotions expressed in tranquility
Begging pardon from her life for not being a good student
For failing and again failing in academics
Like a ritual
Seeing her sheets with red
Cramps hurting her
Still she is smiling for she knows
Pain given by her to every acquaintance is…

Broken Friendships

Friendship is the most important part of our lives . Friendship is the most amazing bond between two or more people. Friendship has been one of the greatest thing considered by everyone since ancient times. Friendship is liberating. Friendship is an endless circle. Friendship is the most fascinating yet is the most challenging bond. At times it becomes the most confusing bond where we fail to realise that bond . We only realise the importance of the bond after it is tarnished forever and ever. We only realise the beauty , the charm of the bond after it is lost like a pearl. Friendship is not easy for it takes many efforts, sacrifices to make long lasting friendship bonds with our friends. High school friends too change but in a way they don't change its just that grow up mentally , emotionally and spiritually too. They are not children any more they are pretty much adult in their thoughts, behaviour, attitude, outlook. Their childhood days are a thing of past . It takes lot of co…